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QOTSA Post Mysterious Message, Hint at ‘Manic & Unpredictable’ Record

Queens Of The Stone Age, Studio Reports


Earlier today, Queens of the Stone Age decided to continue their mission of slowly teasing their fans with details of their upcoming sixth LP. In case you missed the previous update, frontman Josh Homme described the album as musically deeper, richer and stranger, and compared it to “running in a dream the whole time.”  The latter comment made a comeback today, via the following image, which was sent to Mojo Magazine as a letter revealing a bit more about the sound and the making of the band’s next record. Read the cryptic words below:

There’s still no release date announced for QOTSA’s forthcoming LP, but it is set to feature Dave Grohl, Nick Oliveri, and Trent Reznor (among other names, certainly), and they are already scheduled to perform at some festivals next year.


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  1. Greg Kawalec says:

    This kinda gave me a boner.

  2. qotsaamkw says:


    • Eric says:

      Nicotine,Valium,Vicodin,Marijuana,Ecstasy,and Alcohol…….C-c-c-codeine!!
      Thank you Josh for building up the intrigue & suspense on something I already can’t wait to hear.
      Screw Xmas, this is going to be one hell of a present once delivered!
      I am equally curious as to who will be pulling drum kit duty on tour. I’d expect nothing short of amazing at this point!

  3. Passenger says:

    Awesome. Did that pic of Homme, Grohl and Reznor in the same studio come with the SoundCity download? Also, am I the only one seeing a signature/word thingy in the center of the eye?

  4. wilsooon says:

    “The record sound like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret.”

    Sounds*? If theyre being all cryptic and hidden-messagey, that’s an interesting grammar error. ‘the record sounds like’ suggests its finished. The fact that Daves gone to play in his nirvana reunion supports that thought. And the fact that J-Ho and co have festival appearances booked as early as march mean that were possibly talking about the album being released a matter of weeks from now, certainly no later than march. I sure hope I’m right.

    Also, “clockwerk”. The clock in the eye. Album title hint? Album cover possibly?

  5. Jamface12 says:

    Count every 9th word, including the last nine into the next count as number 1:
    The album lives.

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