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Eddie Vedder Confirms Pearl Jam Is “Maybe Halfway There” With New Studio Album

Pearl Jam, Studio Reports


Pearl Jam are approximately 50% done with their upcoming studio album.

Not much is known about the follow up to 2009 Target exclusive Backspacer. However, during a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone (much of which discussed the recent release of the West Memphis 3) the band’s front man Eddie Vedder shared the following update:

Um, maybe halfway there. We’re taking our time. I was talking to Jeff [Ament] today, we were texting, he’s got his group up there. He’s heading to the West Coast, I’m heading east. And we’re out here like, you know, like Johnny Appleseed. He’s covering part of the country. I’m doing the other. And at some point we’ll join forces again for sure, but the band is as healthy as ever and I’m sure it’s good to get a little break from each other, but it’s nice to – we’ll be ready to go when we’re ready to go.

As far as what the new music will sound like, Vedder made the following statement:

It just comes out. It sounds like it sounds like. We really work together as a unit these days. It’s really the compilation of all the parts. It’s not like one guy trying to tell everybody, “These are my songs. This is what it should sound like.” We’ve figured out after all these years that if everybody just puts their stamp on it, then it sounds how we want it to. Then it sounds new, ’cause everyone is growing, you know. Everyone is growing after all these years.

Pearl Jam isn’t the only band were excited to hear new music from in 2013. Click here to read our upcoming album guide.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Murray says:

    Could he be anymore vague on the sound of the new album! LOL!

  2. ray finkle says:

    vedder is getting to much like bono for my liking

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