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Kvelertak Set to Release ‘Meir’ In March, Listen to ‘Bruane Brenn’ Here

Kvelertak, Studio Reports


Back in 2009, Kvelertak took Europe by storm with their outstanding self-titled debut album. The six-piece rock band from Stavanger Norway manages to mix straight up rock and roll with elements of black metal and punk. As an added bonus, the songs that feature heavy themes of Norse mythology and Viking folklore are all sung in Norwegian.


In March, the band is set to return with their second album, Meir. The 11 track effort was recorded at God City Studios in Salem Massachusetts with Kurt Ballou of Converge. The first single released from the album overseas is for the song Bruane Brenn and you can check it out via YouTube down below.

Sadly as of press time there is no information on how you can pre-order Meir in North America so you may want to keep an eye on the band’s official Facebook page.

Meir Tracklisting:

1. “Åpenbaring”
2. “Spring Fra Livet”
3. “Eminent Wrath”
4. “Bruane Brenn”
5. “Evig Vandrar”
6. “Snilepisk”
7. “Månelyst”
8. “Nekrokosmos”
9. “Undertro”
10. “Tordenbrak”
11. “Kvelertak”


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