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New Arctic Monkeys Record in the Works for 2013

Arctic Monkeys, Studio Reports


We frequently espouse the majesty of the Arctic Monkeys, and appears as if we’ll get more opportunities later this year. The band is apparently working on the follow-up to 2011’s excellent Suck It And See, for an expected release sometime before 2014.


Earlier this week, drummer Matt Helders gave a particularly juicy quote to NME:

“I have been in the desert… with motorcycles. Not with Josh [Homme], no. The band’s just been working together, the band working on our own so far, writing and stuff… There’s no time deadlines or anything like that for release. We’re just getting back into it, because it always takes a while to get back into it.”

When asked what the new material sounded like, Helders offered up the cryptic reply “2013.” But then, when pressed about whether it would see a release this year:

“Well, we’d be stupid if we made a 2013 album and released it next year.”

The NME piece also quotes singer Alex Turner as saying that their new music sounds ‘heavier’ and ‘louder’ than their prior material… so yeah, we’re excited.

Maybe they’ll debut some new material during their short US tour that’s coming up in May.


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