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AFI Post Short Teaser Video; New Album Coming in September?

AFI, Studio Reports


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East Bay punk-goth act AFI. broke their website an hour or so ago with a new video, which implies that the band will release a new album in September.

In addition to the video, AFI’s Facebook page received a new photo scheme, which in today’s music climate is equivalent to “hey guys, we’re back! Pay attention!”

AFI’s last album was 2009’s 3-star affair Crash Love, but judging by the general feel of the teaser video above we can’t help but think this new stuff might go back to the band’s old days. Hell, they even call themselves “A Fire Inside” once again, which should send shock waves of excitement among the Gilman St. crowd in the Berkeley punk scene.

Here’s the clip in question:

Now, we wait for more…


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  1. please go back to the old days! Please Go Back To The Old Days! PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD DAYS!!

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