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AFI Release Third Vague Teaser Video, ‘No Harbingers’

AFI, Studio Reports


AFI released another mysterious teaser video yesterday.

This one, titled “No Harbingers”, features more bizarre imagery, this time of the beach, an eclipse, and a finger drawing circles (or rings, if you’re into horror movies) into the sand.


This comes after the first and second videos premiered by the East Bay goth/punk/rock band, with the only concrete information coming from them hinting at something happening this September.

It’s easy to assume they’ll be releasing new music sometime this year, but as of now we’re still in speculation mode…until they decide to release the next teaser video, that is.

Oh yeah – AFI will also take part in this year’s Riot Fest, which was announced tonight.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Fuck this annoying nonsense.

  2. jason says:

    AFi should released a new video ..

  3. VampireSoul1217 says:

    Its a movie morons its The Ring (?).

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