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Brandon Boyd Releases ‘Sons of the Sea’ Teaser Video

Brandon Boyd, Sons Of The Sea, Studio Reports


Incubus front man Brandon Boyd recently announced that he’s working on a new solo record (which would be the sequel to 2010’s The Wild Trapeze).

Today, Boyd unveiled a short video titled ‘SOS’ – which ends up referring to the phrase ‘Sons of the Sea’.

Could this be the title of his new album? A song name? Nothing at all? We don’t know just yet, but you can watch the video below.

In it, Brandon finds a message in a bottle, digs his toes into the sand takes a look – but it’s unclear whether or not the sky resembles a backlit canopy:

As previously mentioned, Boyd said he does plan on touring in support of the still-officially-untitled album, saying of the new music:

“It’s different from Incubus in the sense that there was a committee of two as opposed to committee of five, so it’s a lot more piano and rhythm, melodic weird pop,” he says. “It’s like oddball pop.”

Update: Boyd has confirmed that Sons of the Sea is the name of his new band. Check out the first new music from Sons of the Sea here.


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