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Watch a Six-Minute Teaser for MGMT’s New Self-Titled Album

MGMT, Studio Reports


MGMT‘s new self-titled album will arrive on September 17th. By all accounts, the record looks to be perhaps even *more* “out there” than their polarizing 2011 album Congratulations – at least if the lead ‘single’ Your Life is a Lie is any indication.

Here’s the exceedingly irreverent video they released for that song a few weeks back:

More recently, the New York-based group unveiled a six-minute promotional trailer for the album that features a possum, the NSA and samples of five new songs.

The band indicated that their new material would be pretty strange, and so far that definitely seems on-point. We’ll find out more when the album drops in less than two weeks.


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  1. uhnm11 says:

    These videos are really making me stoked for MGMT to drop on the 17th!

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