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A Glass-Shard Lollipop

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Spinnerette is the new band fronted by Brody Dalle, previously of The Distillers. As well as Brody, Spinnerette is made up of Alain Johannes (Eleven, QOTSA), Tony Bevilacqua (Distillers), and Jack Irons (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eleven). They’ve gone through their fair share of record label struggles, and the time between the announcement of Spinnerette and the actual album release has been a long road. But Brody Dalle is officially back, serenading and screaming.

Brody Dalle

Instantly, the difference between Spinnerette and The Distillers is that Brody takes her time on Spinnerette. This album just flows incredibly well. The Distillers was balls-out rock your ass off every song. Spinnerette takes you somewhere. Every song weaves into the next. Right up through the gap on the last track that leads you to a hidden jam session of sorts, with Brody going from soothing, whispery melodies to screaming her lungs out on the edge of control.

This album is all about the contrast between sweetness and rage. In their own bio, they couldn’t have said it better:

Spinnerette is the sound of a sweaty black leather glove holding a lollipop’s stick, shoving it into crushed glass before offering you the first lick. If that made any sense, it might be Spinnerette. There is sweetness and there is menace. You will have the desire in spite of the obvious danger.

I wouldn’t say that this is Brody Dalle / The Distillers “all growed up.” Sure she has grown, settled down with Josh Homme, and had a little girl. But she’s still got the little punk-rock chick inside of her. Evident in punch-out tracks like Sex Bomb and Geeking.

Speaking of Sex Bomb, this is a killer song. It’s got this dark playfulness at the beginning, and then Brody Dalle comes in beckoning:
“I don’t want another man / I cry myself to sleep at night / Thinking of you loving me / Baby please come back in me…”

Oh yes. Soak that one in. The chorus rocks even harder, Brody with all all her voice’s sultriness, “I want you to be my daddy.”

Baptized By Fire is another song that brings out something new from Brody. With an electronica chorus and a mandolin-y bridge, add in her voice and you’ve got this really enchanting song. Yes, I felt enchanted. Just look at these enchanting lyrics:

So I’ll be sailing on Out into bermuda blue / Compass needle breaks / Like the heart I gave to you / I’ve been laying down in the devils lair / Sailing into the sun / I’ll be baptized there…

Back in 2008 the Ghetto Love EP was released featuring Ghetto Love, Distorting A Code, and two other songs that didn’t make the debut album cut (Valium Knights, Bury My Heart). Also included was a music video for Ghetto Love shot by Liam Lynch (Whatever). Ghetto Love is an amazing song, and perfectly fit as the opener for the Spinnerette debut. This song just kicks ass out the door immediately. In fact, I can picture Brody Dalle kicking a door down on the first booming beat; literally interpreting that Ghetto Love is a boombastic opener. Yes, I felt boombast…ed.

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For the finale, A Prescription For Mankind is one hell of. (That yoda thing was an accident, I’m keeping it.) It’s definitely a sexy song. It is sexy. Just take it as it is, you can strip/fuck to this song. It’s slow, heavy, and sexy. When the track ends, wait an extra minute. Take that breather. Brody comes back with the band intertwining in this one last charge into your eardrums, and she goes for your balls (females: clitoris) on this one.

If there was only one change I could make, then it would be to include Valium Knights, and maybe even take out Rebellious Palpitations.

Brody Dalle is officially my favorite chick in rock, again. She has brought back that voice from The Distillers we all love, and has added in some extra sweetness. The album as a whole is a huge accomplishment, and the hard work from her and the guys shows.

The Spinnerette debut is a great addition to Brody Dalle’s discography, and I hope to suck on many more glass-shard lollipops in the future. (Seriously, which ever one of them came up with that analogy: their band to a glass-shard lollipop, is the coolest person ever. Oh, the imagery.)

Spinnerette Album Cover

June 2009
Anthem / RED

01. Ghetto Love
02. All Babes Are Wolves
03. Cupid
04. Geeking
05. Baptized By Fire
06. A Spectral Suspension
07. Distorting A Code
08. Sex Bomb
09. Driving Song
10. Rebellious Palpitations
11. The Walking Dead
12. Impaler
13. A Prescription For Mankind




Released: 23/06/2009
Label: Anthem Records
1. Ghetto Love
2. All Babes Are Wolves
3. Cupid
4. Geeking
5. Baptized By Fire
6. Spectral Suspension
7. Distorting A Code
8. Sex Bomb
9. Driving Song
10. Rebellious Palpitations
11. Walking Dead
12. Impaler
13. Prescription For Mankind



Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Skwerl says:

    very happy to be liking this a little more than the ghetto love ep.

  2. jpbertra says:

    I have to hear this. When/where can I get ahold of it?

  3. Mitchel says:

    Do you notice the cover art similarity to QOTSA Queens of the Stone Age? Just sayin.

  4. trucks says:

    @ jpbertra:

    whole album streaming on their myspace

  5. jpbertra says:

    @trucks: thanks, i saw that last night. i really dig it so far.

  6. Passenger says:

    Not until you’ve mentioned it Mitchel :D . That analogie seems very Homme-esque too. Not a bad thing at all… I hope.

  7. I really enjoyed the review brother! Not too familiar with her, but you got me to know some more ’bout her.

    Cheers, motherf*cker!

  8. Ryan says:

    Hey thanks man!

  9. Rory says:

    Hey that’s the Queens of the Stone Age self titled album cover…no?

  10. KVN says:

    This is sounding rad. Pretty much QOTSA with a girl singing, which is okay by me. Can we get a Spinnerette and Dead Weather tour please?

  11. WARtimez* says:

    Haha Mitchel that is the first thing i noticed when i saw the cover art, very very similar to queens first record* album does sound amazing besides a couple skipable songs, majority of it is very good…still think it so queens-like but thats not a bad thing, just makes me feel like homme and friends have loads to do with the sound but she is talented herself as well

  12. tng/dharma69 says:

    Good stuff. I dig the sexy bellow of her voice. She surely gives “chick rock” a good name.

  13. Adek says:

    Great review! Really good job man!

  14. Alexa says:

    It’s such an amazing album! I previewed it online and had to go out and get it. I haven’t been able to put it down. I love QOTSA and I have always loved the Distillers; so when I found out that she had a new band with some pretty damned reputable musicians I was pumped. It’s truly music for driving, doing the bad thing, and any other moment in your life. Her voice is, like the article said, enchanting, and goes perfectly with a slower tempo than her previous music. Props to them.

  15. ItsTheWooo says:

    My first thought re: cover was “Yea, this is kinda like peaches” Especially considering the band name implying some kind of passive feminism (using sexuality as empowerment). I didn’t think of QOTSA at all to be honest, as that cover objectifies women.

    But yea, definitely a QOTSA vibe which is just fine with me too as QOTSA is the only mainstream rock band worth a crap. Reflex was to say it is a vaguely gothic eagles of death metal. Eagles even did a video similar to that (with the goofy singer dancing in front of a green screen). I like her marilyn manson/courtney love/kat von d look.

    This holds by far the most promise out of all the crap I have checked out tonight (chevelle, incubus, three days grace – yes my guilty pleasure, various other generic hard rock bands such as sick puppies, shinedown, and I am sorry to say it alice in chains). CAN NOT WAIT 2 HEAR IT AWL.

  16. […] time that former The Distillers singer Brody Dalle released an album was three years ago, with Spinnerette. While that musical project came along with some great shows and one of Antiquiet’s coolest […]

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