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Limp Bizkit’s ‘Gold Cobra:’ Blowin’ Up The Septic Tank, Y’all!

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[Update: Read guitarist Wes Borland’s response to our review.]

You know what to expect. Angry and aggressive, defiantly sleazy, Limp Bizkit long ago crowned themselves kings of spastic rap-rocking shit talkers. At the onset in 1997 the explosive dynamics of sound pulled us in, while the juvenile vitriol of the red-capped frontman drew most of us right the hell back out; vocalist Fred Durst, reviled and adored as rap-rock’s snotty mascot, stepped into his polarizing caricature role with giddy enthusiasm, and a musical supervillain was born.

Not much has changed. Instrumentally, Gold Cobra is far and away the band’s best release, their tightest and toughest playing since Three Dollar Bill, Y’all. John Otto’s percussion threatens to demand repeat listens on its own, with dynamic rhythmic assaults that get even the most reluctant of heads rocking. Bassist Sam Rivers flaunts flourishes of jazz grooves and funk struts throughout, pushing the stylistic envelope beneath the distractions of the vocals and weaving a stringed tether for Wes Borland’s guitar acrobatics.

Borland, the band’s not-so-secret weapon and polarity balance beam, has returned to the mix (“We decided we were more disgusted and bored with the state of heavy popular music than we were with each other”), adding a potency of atmosphere and sonic architecture that incentivizes a test listen. But despite his downright awesome work on the stringed axe, there’s no overstating the detrimental impact of our cartoonishly obscene and defiantly douche-soaked narrator Fred Durst, whose vocal stain reliably reduces the band’s collective sound to that of the Garbage Pail Kids hauling a bucket of meth into the studio. He’s that same sneering face on the screen, still claiming not to give a fuck what people think, still pushing the limits of trash, because there’s simply no other direction to take the Durst train.

And let’s be clear: Limp Bizkit is the Fred Durst show. Borland can’t save it, and he certainly can’t grab the wheel, no matter how many crunch-metal acts of string wizardry he can pull from his formidable hat. Durst’s presence is simply too heavy, his voice too high in the mix to push it to the peripheral for the sake of salvaging the quality behind him.

Gravedigging in the rap-rock cemetery after a pulsing-nightmare intro, Bring It Back finds Durst trying to emulate today’s rhyme executioners and spit quick flow with the same snot-nosed defiance we remember. Title track Gold Cobra brings us back in full-throttle form to the chunk-riff ’90s bro-jam era, though a rock chorus and background shouts of “shut the fuck up!” circle the drain before a braggadocious “oh yeaaaaah” breakdown. We’re back in 1999.

On the fiipside of nostalgia’s double-edged sword, the long-dreaded Break Stuff sequel comes with Shark Attack, Fred’s whine/cry frat skunk spinning tales of oppression by the scary detractors out there who would dare question his motives. “Swimming with sharks aint easy / they just want to kill and eat me / I aint gonna let that happen / watch me plan my shark attack and / make them wish they never knew me / turn their green-white ass to sushi“. Powerful stuff, if you’re ten and were molested by Dr. Seuss.

This is music for hateful idiots, the puff-chested shit talking self-aggrandizing nonsense we knew it would be before they set foot in the studio. But Durst’s narcissism hits new levels of what the fuck, pandering on overdrive to the demented nonthinkers with turbulent pasts, displaced anger and intensely limited cerebral capacity – or just the people who idealize such types and celebrate purposeless ego-stroking conflict magnets that hook a vacuum hose to the soul of musical artistry and flip the switch with a sneer and a middle finger. This makes it perfectly reasonable that the aggro-inflation of Get a Life – featuring the spaz-massive chorus “You don’t want to be my enemy, I promise you” – leaves one convinced that Charlie Sheen is going to fucking love this song.

Get a Life‘s stoner-psychedelic outro with a skunk funk serves as a reminder of the potential the band has without its frontman. Like Counterfeit off their debut, Shotgun is primed to fulfill those old-school yearnings for a taste of what it was that got you into this band in the first place. But the “pleasure” part of guilty pleasure doesn’t last through the first verse. “Everybody jumps from the sound of a shotgun / In my neighborhood, everybody got one“. Can’t wait to see the suburbia kids bumping this shit in the cul-de-sac before mom comes home from work.

Echo-laden guitars build the introduction to Walking Away, and there’s genuine potential to the track. But Durst’s lack of range is too clear, flat on the vocal at the onset and, reliably, embarrassingly weak in the lyric “I can’t escape the tragedy / It always brings me down / If I could eliminate those things that make me frown” – it’s not a surprise when the “burn it to the ground” rhyme is laid out. But Borland’s guitar evokes an inspired Billy Howerdel, a soulful and proficient talent beneath the bro-schtick bullshit that represents the Bizkit brand. Is it any wonder why he paints his face and wears disguises?

Fred’s no dummy. He knows what he’s doing, to the extent that he knows the value of pandering to the damaged demographic that’s drawn to his syphilitic spazzy bravado. The stank underbelly of Kardashian Culture hangs heavy in the air like dead fish and sulfur, a stagnant trash-glam lifestyle where Jesse James and Kat Von D roll deep in flashing lights and Lohan trolls for powder behind the velvet rope – and Bizkit’s red-capped vocalist knows exactly what triggers bring the dirt out of the woodwork.

And so we come to Autotunage, a song guaranteed to wipe the final remnants of the voice-altering effect fad from the pulverized, collagen-puckered sphincter of modern pop culture. This dubs Durst our guilty pleasure garbage man, dishing final rites to a fad that’s been (mercifully) slipping from view. Sound familiar? Because that’s what most of us hoped would happen to this fake-anger rap-rock fad.

Gold Cobra is not an album for you, dear Rock fan. You’re not expected to “get” it. It was crafted and fine-tuned for the chick who always scrapped in high school that everybody knew was going to end up a stripper or drilled on film for money, and moreso for the thug-bro currently taking the venereal plunge with her in the back of his ride. You know him well: the sideways-cap wearing, shit-talking tough guy cartoon who’s made a style and subculture out of ignoring the hardwired biological drive to adapt to modernity and improve oneself, doubling down in dysfunction instead – because it doesn’t require the discomfort of effort and true substance. This is music for the sneering scumbags who find kinship in the dregs of cultural rot and feel no inner pull to rise beyond the reflexive cave-man instinct to fuck, pillage and attack.

What else is Fred going to do? The constant reinvention of self didn’t help Vanilla Ice at all, and nobody’s about to start taking Durst seriously as a musician. You can’t fight the brand once the caricature has been tattooed on the minds of the target demographic, so you can either abandon it entirely and take up a normal job (once the royalties spigot slows to a trickle), or entrench yourself in the depths of depravity. Write songs about the oppression you face from the “haters” who reject idolizing the damage and destruction you use that international megaphone to champion, with anthemic choruses screaming “Douchebag, I’ma fuck you up / fuck you, fuck you, fuck you up”.

Closer Killer in You sports a truly sick Borland solo & core riff that gets the body moving, but as the album’s hourglass runs out to chants of “kill that motherfucker,” we’re reminded that this is tailor-made for violent, insecure thugs who poison the gene pool and shit in the punch bowl of life.

There is an entire industry built to shove the Limp Bizkits of the world up our asses, promising us that the taste of shit is the exciting new flavor once again. Ignore a cancer and it will grow and metastasize, finding fuel and support where you never imagined possible. Identify it, call it for what it is and pull the curtain from the facade, and perhaps the whole can begin to grow stronger, better.

Make your choice.


Limp Bizkit

Gold Cobra

Released: 28/06/2011
Label: Interscope Records
1. (intro)
2. Bring It Back
3. Gold Cobra
4. Shark Attack
5. Get A Life
6. Shotgun
7. Douche Bag
8. Walking Away
9. Loser
10. Autotunage
11. 90.2.10
12. Why Try
13. Killer In You

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  1. Where can I get the karaoke version, so I can hear it without the vocals?

  2. Elijah's Rain says:

    The guys from Limp Bizkit should start a side band without Durst just to know what it feel like to be a band that writes music with substance.

  3. Jenkins says:

    Meh, isn’t this kind of pointless? I mean, was there even any realistic chance of you liking a LB album or is it just a matter of having to put yourself on the safe side of the argument?

    • Read the final paragraph. I’d say “again,” but it’s clear you didn’t read it to begin with.

      • Jenkins says:

        I read it. As near as I can tell, it’s explaining that you simply HAD to listen to this album and review it in order to save the world from some metaphorical cancer.

        But in reality… it’s just a Limb Bizkit album. Everybody knows exactly what that is. The people that liked it before will like it, and the people that always hate on it will continue to hate on it. “Ignoring it” like most of us do to all the music we don’t like is not going to make all of our good records disappear, or make the world end.

        Were you a fan of their earlier albums? Or did you already know exactly how you’d feel about this just based on the name of the band?

        • Like many, I was an early fan of their first record, until I dissected it properly.

        • Aaron says:

          what jenkins said. waste of space.

          • Mark says:

            Firstly, I have been a lifelong LB fan. It’s not always been easy. Some aspects of what the band did rubbed me the wrong way, but when I put on a LB album, I dont listen to it to dissect it, or to listen to intruction that it is giving me, but I listen to it cos of the way that it makes me feel!

            Thats crucially what all music is about. I love LB because it makes me feel like I dont give a fuck, when in reality I know I have to. Its a party band that have always been able to let me feel like nothing else exists for an hour or so.

            Admittedly, Durst isnt the most poetic lyricist, but I still understand his messages and feelings of anger. You would have to be a dumb fuck to ‘not get it’, but its as significant part of the sound as Ottos drums, or Rivers Bass lines.

            So, Mr Johnny Firecloud… Get your head outta your ass and nod your head to the beat. Don’t forget why you liked them in the first place!

  4. Kristján Atli says:

    Shit. This album is going to be so bad, but after this review I can’t wait to hear it.

    Limp Bizkit are like the world’s best football team being quarterbacked by a ten year old. So much talent gone to waste because the spearhead is miles behind in ability.

    It must suck to be Wes Borland. Another coat of body paint? Sure, I haven’t completely disappeared yet…

  5. pupo says:

    @FredDurst, just DIE already.

  6. Adrian Garro says:

    This review is pretty much what I expected. While 15-year old me was amused by Fred’s nonsense, it definitely grew stale over the years, but I am rather intrigued to listen to this nonetheless, for old time’s sake.

    From reading this review, it sounds like every song has a chorus using the word “motherfucker”…that’s a lot of motherfuckers, isn’t it?

  7. I thought Limp Bizkit was going somewhere decent with The Unquestionable Truth LP. I thought it was absolutely better than Results May Vary (Without Borland) and Chocolate Starfish (Stupid album). I grew up on Significant other and ThreeDolla Bill Y’all. It’s totally a guilty pleasure, but I give every band a try with a couple of listens. The only way I will be surprised with this album is if it is good. The band, not Fred Durst, need to find a real singer who has some sort of substance other than talking shit.

  8. jrfhoutx says:

    Wish I could boo them out of the music industry altogether like I booed them off the stage when they opened for Korn on the ‘Life is Peachy’ tour…

  9. Kevin Lee says:

    For the most part I can ignore the vocals and focus on the music, which is always heavy on the groove. I really do enjoy the music they make, just vocally very childish and boring. Borland’s work outside of LB has always been disappointing to me. I know the talent is there, it’s obvious on the LB stuff, but must of what else he does is junk. The one promising band he had going, Eat The Day, for whatever reason never panned out. I remember hearing a few demos and was super impressed with what I heard. I think you can track them down online pretty easily.

  10. T.V. says:

    Limp Bizkit is a band that really makes me sad. Three great musicians dragged down by that puddle of inhuman filth we call Fred Durst. So much potential wasted by that arrogant, shit-eating waste of skin. The only word that fits is tragic, because with any other vocalist/lyricist I would probably love Limp Bizkit, even if they still had such a moronic name. Adam really dud put it best, if this were an album full of instrumentals I’d probably go out and buy it on release.

  11. MidnightMarauder says:

    the reviews here are always the best on the web.

  12. senser says:

    The problem is that Limp bizkit is not here to be taken that serious…
    Come back if you understand that…

  13. FlawlessLogic says:

    I still laugh when reviewers expect something deep, with loads of substance and philosophical views from Limp Bizkit. This is what they’re about. They don’t take themselves seriously (as you will find out with the first music video). If you haven’t gotten that by now, I’d reverse the finger that’s pointing at the fans calling THEM idiots, to the one doing the pointing. It’s like someone walking into a Transformers movie and coming out whining “Man whyyy wasn’t this movie like The Godfather or Taxi Driver?” Uhhh, it’s a movie about transforming robots who blow s**t up, what the f**k did you expect?! In the end, you must give them credit for creating their OWN niche and going against the grain.

    • Mike says:

      So… Taste be damned.
      Got it, thanks.

    • T.V. says:

      There’s a big difference between something not being “deep”, and something just making you fucking despise the human race. I know as well as anyone that you can totally enjoy something without it being meaningful, but Durst has a reverse Midas touch that just reduces good music to intolerable shit. Nobody expects them to come up with the most artistically valid contribution to music this year, but don’t get pissed off when the reviewers call them on making something shit just because “they were trying to make shit”.

  14. David Grosch says:

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was the band minus Durst? They’re all such great musicians yet they’re attached to that!

    More Black Light Burns please?!?!

  15. tbone57 says:

    “Powerful stuff, if you’re ten and were molested by Dr. Seuss.”

    +1 FTW.

    This “band”, has always and will always, suck.

  16. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Limp Biskit did made Nu-Metal based Rock-Rap songs during the late 90’s early 00’s and they rocked for many years. I like the explicit language, sex stuff & the groovness of what they made so many rap filled rock tunes still kicks ass even today. Can’t wait for the new album. Peace.

  17. Danny Dodge says:

    Hey JOHNNY FIRECLOUD, I’m addressing YOU personally.

    There seems to be one clear difference between you and me.

    You seem to be a victim of bullying that never got over it, that never took that experience and decided to draw from the experience, be the bigger man and prove yourself by rising up against this world and being a million shades above the twats that bullied you. Instead, you decided to become bitter and twisted, holding on to those feelings of negativity and utilizing every opportunity to spread that hate and spit poison wherever you can. You are no better than those bullies, and you probably would have been one yourself if you had have been as big and strong as those guys that pushed you around and caused you pain and anguish.

    You have many things to rethink.

    That is all.

  18. datdude from nyc says:

    the thing about LB is….. LB has never been about trying to be the next Pantera,or your favorite band. LB works simply works because it doesn’t care about what you think. its is LB till the wheels come off. that idea is what has made people gravitate towards the band in such a cult like fashion… myself included.

    i became a fan at 3DBY , and was intrigued. while i have gone on to be successful at many things at life, i always remembered when i really started to get into LB they def became like rocket fuel for me. it allowed me to be myself, and enjoy venting through the music. i was a LB fan growing up in a tough innercity of NYC full of hip hop heads (love Hip Hop btW) but for me i was proud to like something merely because it resonated with me. so for me LB represents that big middle finger some of us wish we had the balls to wag in the face of scrutiny.

    FD for all intents and purposes has achieved what he wanted…
    he pisses you guys off because you dont believe he belongs, yet ask any of his band mates (read the ARTICLE) and they will have his back. the truth of the matter is, there is no shame in doing whatever the fuck you want. there is only shame in pretending that you have, when in reality your allowing the way the world looks at your actions dictate what you do in your daily life. that is a bloody shame.

    do we all like pizza? hell fucking no. does that mean it should be eradicated from existence? we can’t all like the same things…. but trust me MANY people love LB. and we’ll defend it till the day we die. you have the right to not like the band’s idea, but to even suggest that FD should not be in the band is a slap in the face to what they are and why they have been so polarizing…. for better or worse.

    so yes even thought its many years later, im ready on June28,2011 to not give a fuck what the world thinks once again. im ready for LB to bring that beat back and rock shit out. sue me and the rest of LB fans around the world.


    • Matt Palmer says:

      Amen! I love the Wes Vs. Antiquiet rebutal.. he really made this Johhny guy look like a clown…. He in a sense say he doesnt like Limp Bizkit cause Of Fred/and The Fans.. and for god sakes they still hold Woodstock over their heads.. its a great bad with an I dont GIVE A FLYING FUCK ATTITUDE.. not some messy pop sell out rock band.. trying to make money.. fred sends a direct message to people about Anti Bullying.. People Using You Fro things that you have… Being Cheated on Or Wronged In your Life.. So what if they have some songs that Have good beats and Fuced up lyrics if you honestly held that over someones head listen to this other B.s. thats on the radio.. You know its a good sign when someone WHOM disliked Fred while he was in the band Defends Him .. grow the fuck up people.. whom cares who fred has insulted or offended.. the band doesnt take shit from people or Idiot Reviews whom hold grudges cause of Fred idgaf attitude.. close you eyes and listen deeper to some of the messages.. like Wes said alot of their music is about not starting fights but Fighting back against people whom pick or attack you.. ugh peple piss me off go put your Nickleback record back on repeat Idiot Firecloud…

      Limp Bizkit Family For Life

  19. Hugo says:

    It’s a solid effort for the ones who loved chocolate starfish, but don’t work for me. I can’t stand all the fuckin’effects (overproduced!) and fredalicious´s vicious like it’s 99…
    I´ve enjoyed Loser, Gold Cobra and Walking Away so far. I’m still looking forward to the deluxe version (Back Porch, Angels sounds promising), but I won’t lie, I’m dissapointed! So much talent gone to waste again… I assume that Unquestionable Truth was a (beautiful) mistake…

  20. anon404 says:

    This is to Johnny Firecloud and all at AntiQuiet who allowed this review to go online.

    I have never been so appalled by the contempt and spite of one individual in reviewing a record.

    That you do not like the record is not an issue, there’s plenty of music that I don’t like too. Its not even that you spent the entire review telling us how great the band are and how much you despise Fred Durst and what he does.

    It is the fact that you describe people like me, who enjoy the music as ‘sneering scumbags who find kinship in the dregs of cultural rot and feel no inner pull to rise beyond the reflexive cave-man instinct to fuck, pillage and attack’.

    Your attempt to shame and belittle those who would enjoy this record and the bands previous work is one of the most insulting reviews I have ever read.

    I am stunned that this website has allowed the reviewer to be published when he openly insults over 30 million record buyers and the countless others who will have enjoyed their live performances.

    I can only assume that this has been allowed in the hope that it will drive web traffic in this direction. I for one will not be clicking any links with the name Johhny Firecloud attached.

    PS Get A Life!

    • Actually I think it’s close to 50 million.

      • Danny says:

        Johnny… you are nothing but a wannabe music journalist who insults fans.

      • Danny says:

        And to add, I’ve been a bizkit fan since 1997. I’m a graduate of a state university, a board member of a non profit anti-poverty organization, have no tattoos or piercings, nor am I angry at anyone. I would consider myself intelligent enough to realize that Limp Bizkit doesn’t even take themselves too seriously (as displayed by numerous signs you missed including their videos). My testament in it self proves that you are an imbecile for trying to include AND stereotype bizkit fans into an image.

  21. Danny says:

    If you ever read a proper book on how to be a balanced unbiased journalist or reviewer of any media, you wouldn’t resort to your pathetic stereotyping and distasteful characterization of fans. But then again, there is a reason why you’ll never work for a respectable music review company and be stuck working for antiquiet forever, a site that resorts to shock value to lure readers. Maybe if it wasn’t they’d have more than 1,400 fans on FB for “the music only” site that has been around for 4 years.

  22. Matt Palmer says:

    oh and Also Mr.Firechild.. whatever your name is.. just cause you added one star to your review doesnt mean Wes borlands going to come snuggle up to you.. dont mock good music just cause you hold grudges or got bulied in school grow up fred atleast tries to go against anti bullying

  23. anon404 says:

    “there is a reason why you’ll never work for a respectable music review company and be stuck working for antiquiet forever, a site that resorts to shock value to lure readers. Maybe if it wasn’t they’d have more than 1,400 fans on FB for “the music only” site that has been around for 4 years.” lawl, you deserved that too!

    On the plus side LB have just put the video for Gold Cobra up on there website, well worth a watch. And makes a mockery of Johnny Fartclouds review!

  24. pupo says:

    I NEED the new video!! NOW!

  25. pupo says:

    for what it’s worth and all BS aside Firecloud, I do respect AQ indie journalism and get along with the shitstorm your review caused, you stirred some feelings here and there and that is something to applaud.

  26. alex says:

    Fantastic review and extremely funny.
    LB were shit when they came out and it was a chore to wait for that crap to die off. Hopefully the mainstream media will turn their backs on this crap. Hopefully the indie media will do the same.

  27. Scott March says:

    Johnny Firecloud is clearly more angry about Limp Bizkit making this album than Fred Durst is lyrically, I’ve never read such hateful things in my life and it’s just a joke band, this critic needs to just calm down. I feel as if he was screaming at his monitor while he typed this out.

  28. Edgar Davila says:

    This guy does not understand completely, limp bizkit dont take themselve seroiusly. Hate only make them stronger. Fred is having fun making music. Wes doesnt mind and other members. You sir can fck off

  29. Conor James says:

    hmm…when i clicked the link i was expecting an album review,not a review of limp bizkits fanbase (or if we’re being honest here, a deliberately hatred-caricatured version of the fanbase written simply to flaunt a few literary flourishes).

    perhaps johnny, you’de be better off spewing propaganda on a extreme-conservative radio station or something. ive never come across a reviewer so hellbent on clouding the issues with overwritten, under-thought out and totally needless personifications of music before. just because you hate it, doesnt mean its the fuel behind everything thats ever gone wrong for you in your life.

    ps. before you ask: no, im not a fan of limp bizkit, nor have i ever been. but i did click this page with the intention of reading about their new album, and was more than a bit irritated i had to read excerpts from your failed novel instead.

  30. Max Cartwright says:

    Pointless, biased drivel. Frankly any review that’s driven by a vicious hate for a band’s fan-base and an inane hatred for a band with an evident acquired taste is as effect as a 9/11 conspiracy theory billboard. Sure people will read it, but it’s only the idiots who’ll genuinely assess this as a fairly-assessed piece of criticism.

  31. Peeno says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  32. Deem says:

    This isin’t Tool, Johnny…This is Limp Bizkit, its party music, take it for what it is. You just dont get it buddy, it’s ok.

  33. Maggots Fad says:

    My opinion > Pseudo professional reviewers opinion.

  34. NPK says:

    I have been a LB fan for years (since about 2001) and I will ALWAYS be a fan. The minute I start getting bashed for liking LB, I don’t shy away. I’m not a spineless idiot who isn’t bright enough to know how to stand up for myself. At the same time, I don’t spew “Fuck you”s and such when being criticized for my taste in music. Yes, I was bullied growing up and I believe that that may have fueled my interest in coming to truly enjoy LB, but I’m not gonna turn around and bully someone else just because the lyrics are aggressive AT TIMES… I’m also not some kind of scumbag loser, I’m a pre-med college student with a very bright future ahead of me, and that’s more than I can say for some of you uneducated “haters”, so don’t try to say that I only listen to this “garbage” because I’m garbage myself. What it all boils down to is that some people know how to behave and some do not. The critics from this website and their supporters do not know how to behave appropriately and professionally. Thank you, Wes, for being patient with these immature jerks. I will be a LB fan until I die. Fred, John, Lethal, Sam, and Wes are all part of the LB family. They were there for me through some very tough times, and I will always be there for them.

    As someone previously stated, I have never heard of this joke of a website before, and I do not plan on coming back. Please stop wasting our time with your nonsensical rants. Thank you.

  35. NPK says:

    P.S. read Wes’s response to the review if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention Wes

  36. Carl James says:

    I can’t really consider this a review since your obviously dont like Fred Durst and that makes it biased in itself. As a LB fan I feel this is a pretty decent album for they type of music they create. Will they ever win a grammy for album of the year? Probably not. But if you like to listen to some good music with a little bit of anger involved then Gold Cobra is where its at. This is type of cd you can load on your ipod and go to the gym with or cruise around with the volume up. It’s not meant to make you think about saving the world or sitting in a circle singing joy to the world. Its just a fun album to listen to. And frankly, with all the BS that is on the radio now adays I would rather listen to LB than 99 percent of the crap I hear. Bottom line is this is a fun album with some serious rock and roll attached. I am not going to bash the reviewer because regardless if you like it or not, that doesnt change what my own personal opinion is.

    • dean says:

      I can’t really consider this a comment since you obviously like Fred Durst and that makes it biased in itself.

  37. CB Lingo says:

    I’m really disappointed by the change in your review score for this. No matter what backlash you may get for a negative review – including some from members of the band itself – you should never have to admit you made a mistake or failed to interpret something a certain way. Wes Borland may be able to speak eloquently about the choices his band makes but do you hear any of that in the music? No, you don’t. Scott Stapp could write a surprisingly beautiful, heartfelt book explaining his music but it wouldn’t change the fact Creed makes unlistenable shit.

    I don’t see your original review as biased or overly harsh but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see the move of changing your review score as an act of cowardice. Integrity is the most important thing a critic can have and if you don’t have the utmost faith in everything you write, why should anyone bother to pay attention to your opinions?

    • I’ll say it one final time: Not a word was changed, nor will it be. The star rating is an interpretive measure of the review, which was updated to represent the words more accurately PRIOR to my conversation with Wes. Up your reading comprehension before hopping on the soapbox.

  38. Rosko Damon says:

    Johnny, you should write for Pitchfork. You got the pretension down to a science.

  39. Best review I’ve read in years.

  40. Phineas says:

    “The stank underbelly of Kardashian Culture hangs heavy in the air like dead fish and sulfur, a stagnant trash-glam lifestyle where Jesse James and Kat Von D roll deep in flashing lights and Lohan trolls for powder behind the velvet rope…”

    -DAAAAAAAAMN. easy there Hunter S. Thompson. fucking awesome.

  41. Rrar says:

    I gave in to temptation and listened to this, and I have to say I agree with the rating. The band are damn tight, but Durst (who is a hell of a lot smarter than his lyrics, by all accounts) ends up pandering to the bullshit-posturing rather than commenting on it. And he’s too damn pronounced in the mix to simply accept his singing as part of the music.

    Also, out of curiosity, I had my first listen to The Unquestionable Truth after this: Gold Cobra is even more disappointing once you hear Fred at least TRYING to add some new dimension to his lyrics.

  42. Dude says:

    These guys still exist?

  43. sammart says:

    well said, collectively borland, rivers, otto and lethal are f###ing azwesome band, durst is great too but seriously listen to the lyrics on douchebag and golden cobra, the guy acts like hes a 18yr old trashy frat boy, reuslt may vary (even though borland wasnt involved im sure he could have made it even better) when they moved away from that heavy wigga rock was some of the best songs bizkit have made, down another day was awesome creamer was awesome same with behind blue eyes even though that was a who song it had a real different touch that lb brought and then when they “disbanded” durst really seemed to grow up moving into his late thirties directing movies starring in movies even actin in them (he was awesome in play dead) and when i heard there was going to be a new lb album i was excited cause i thought heres going to be a new album with wes back after he left cause they hwere gettin too hip hoppy and the the album comes out and while musically the songs are pretty decent durst lyrics really let it down, i mean “Verses wild, flippin bitches, grindin trucks, skatin ditches” come on man you can do better than that otherwise youre just as bad as soulja girl, if youre gonna rap at least put some effort in like mos def or boots riley

  44. Henners says:

    Yes it is obvious that it is all about Fred durst, but It adds to the bizkit formulae. If you want a ‘good’ bizkit, see them live

  45. songofthecrow says:

    Dear Mr Firecloud,

    Your metaphors are horribly mixed. You want to pull the curtain from the facade of a cancer? Fred Dirst is going to use a trigger which brings dirt out of the woodwork?

    What in God´s name are you talking about?

  46. Will says:

    First off, apologies for the late comment.

    Now on to what I am about to say:
    I personally am an LB fan, but I don’t think of myself as any type of person even remotely close to what you, Johnny, described in the review, (although I figure that’s not the scope of who you mean). I don’t know how or why I started to like Limp Bizkit. I just was on one day, a kid who listened to contemporary alt-rock and indie rock bands ( when one day I heard Nookie playing on my recommended radio. I liked it, but I wasn’t sure why. It sounded like nothing I had ever heard, but it just sounded… right. That’s all I can really say about how it hooked me.
    I personally like the style of music they put out, generally speaking, because it’s somewhat of a release to me.
    Your criticisms don’t irk me, because I can understand it when people say they don’t like his style. What irks me is when people I know who listen to the most ghetto of rap music, call Fred Durst a poser, like he’s not “hardcore” enough. Seriously? At least Limp Bizkit HAS redeeming qualities to it, much unlike the stuff they are listening to about drugs, depraved sex, and criminal activity. I don’t like to put barriers in music, but when it comes to Rap, I’ve grown tired of this whole “GANSTA SHOOT OTHER PEOPLE BLAH BLAH” movement. What happened to the style of rap and hip-hop like the Beastie Boys? It just seemed to disappear, and now I can’t find any remnants. Nobody who is trying to do justice to what is a great style of music.
    But, I digress…

  47. […] the last studio offering from Limp Bizkit was as bad as we expected, it had some moments of actual quality, which stemmed from the usual source: guitarist Wes Borland. […]

  48. […] label earlier this year, nothing new has been released from the band since last summer’s Gold Cobra […]

  49. […] didn’t know they were recording a new album? Sorry to break the news. Here’s a recap of our impression of their last record, Gold Cobra – particularly their ever-persistently antagonistic […]

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