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You Came, You Saw, You Gave A Damn

Free Moral Agents, Shows


Hey there everyone. Just wanted to thank our LA audience for coming out to our Rock For Justice Benefit last Thursday night, and share some photos.


All three bands brought killer performances; Enjoy Human shot everything with multiple HD cameras, and we did live Pro Tools recording. So keep an eye out for some live clips we’ve got cooking- the quality and production value is top-notch, and it’s some of the most beautiful footage we’ve captured to date.

Raashan Ahmad

Thanks again to the bands; Free Moral Agents, Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers, and Castledoor. Check them all out. And / or stay tuned for our interviews & clips.

Also, best of luck to both Give A Damn, and Rock For Justice!


Special thanks to our buddy Preston Thalindroma for the crowd photos… Formerly known as Twitter’s fake Steve Buscemi.

More photos are available on Antiquiet’s Facebook Page.




Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. That makes two parties/shows we’ve thrown now with zero photographic evidence of my presence. You paid someone to do this didn’t you? Fucking swine.

  2. Skwerl says:

    hogwash. we’ve got some johnny firecloud on-camera interviews coming.

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