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Live Shots: The All-American Rejects and Shiny Toy Guns in Oklahoma City

Shiny Toy Guns, The All-American Rejects, Shows


Performing as part of KJ103’s annual Jingle Jam show, Oklahoma-natives The All-American Rejects and the Shiny Toy Guns hit OKC’s Diamond Ballroom stage last night for a triumphant return back home.

After suffering through a few terrible opening acts, the Shiny Toy Guns hit the stage with the dreamy Wait For Me. We caught the band the night prior in Tulsa where vocalist Carah was suffering with a cold that really impacted her voice, but she sounded much stronger tonight and the band delivered a great performance. As the venue filled with smoke and a massive quantity of strobe lights periodically illuminated the crowd, Le Disko seemed to kick everyone into a dancing frenzy. The song, now more than 6 years old, still doesn’t really resemble anything else in the band’s discography but it was more than enough to make the crowd go crazy.

The All-American Rejects headlined the gig, and while I’ve never taken them seriously as a band before they definitely deliver in a live setting. Lead singer Tyson Ritter is one of the most dynamic performers I’ve seen all year, constantly in motion and seemingly in possession of a never-ending supply of energy. The band kicked off with Dirty Little Secret, instantly stirring up the crowd. Their set was incredibly well-paced, mixing together fan-favorites and their biggest hits along with material from their latest album Kids in the Street.

Tyson moved around the stage like a man possessed, and while his voice got rougher and grittier as the night went on the crowd was there to pick up the slack. They’ve had a number of memorable pop singles over the last decade or so, and while it’s easy to not take them seriously as a band, they really put on a solid show and frankly surprised the hell out of me. Bonus points for the extended acapella intro to Gives You Hell.

Check out a few more select shots below, followed by a full gallery:

Shiny Toy Guns:

The All-American Rejects:


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